Rob was born in Modesto, California and raised in San Francisco (across the street from a rifle range). He’s a world traveler and has penned guide books on Fiji and French Polynesia. Rob is also  the author of How to Buy an AK-47, an AK buyer’s guide available on Amazon.

He lives in Hawaii where he enjoys the semi-tropical climate and grows avocados, tangerines, basil, dragon fruit, limes, turmeric and Okinawan sweet potatoes and other healthy stuff.

When he’s not shooting his guns or reloading, chances are he’s thinking about the Jungian interpretation of a dream he had the night before.

Rob’s favorite places to visit are Mexico and Fiji. (He manages a website called Fijiguide.com).

He likes reading about history and is a big fan of the cosmologist, Brian Swimme.